Things that Keep Me Awake…

Spring Training is underway, the Jays are 3-3.  All should be well and good in the world…

Except for some presently unknown reason, my quality of sleep has been utterly destroyed.  Each morning I’m waking up with less energy than the day before, and I find myself in a state of exhaustion.  It should be noted that I’m prone to fits of anxiety during particularly stressful times in my life, but this isn’t how it normally manifests itself.  Normally I would have trouble falling asleep in these situations.  Right now I’m falling asleep normally but waking up more tired than when I went to bed.  It’s truly puzzling.

I fell asleep on my palm this morning over breakfast, mid-conversation.  That scares me.

ANYHOO.  All personal baggage aside, I put myself in the GM’s chair for the Toronto Blue Jays, wondering what would be affecting his sleep schedule at this point:

Stuff that’s like warm milk or a fuzzy teddy bear or whatever:

  • My offense will score runs.  And in abundance!  Even with as many as 5 black-holes in the line-up (at the 2, 4, 5, 6,  7 positions), the Blue Jays managed to post one of the best offensive seasons in the American League last year.  Which is very impressive.  The 2 position has been at least partially addressed, healthy seasons from Lawrie, Reyes, and Cabrera will address 5, 6 & 7.  Which just leaves 4.  And provided we get good defense at that position, I’m satisfied.
  • My bullpen is more than capable.  It’s superb.  It’s also very crowded, and some of these pitchers may need to be dealt prior to the beginning of the season because they’re out of options.  Think Brad Lincoln being dealt for Kratz.  More stuff of this nature.
Stuff that I can put off till morning or blame on swamp gas:
  • Starting Rotation Depth:  You know what?  I don’t necessarily see this as a problem.  You have 3 pitchers absolutely locked into the rotation in Dickey, Buehrle, and Morrow.  You’re probably going to break camp with Happ, because he nearly died last year in front of your eyes and want to give him the benefit of the doubt (and he’s out of options!).  Which leaves one spot open, for the likes of Stroman, Hutchinson, Drabek, Redmond, Rogers (who might fit better in the bullpen), Nolin and Sanchez.  Even if Morrow goes down per his custom, and you let Redmond break camp with you (or someone!) you can still call up one of the others mid-season.  While you might not get the production as a proven commodity (like *perhaps* Ervin Santana), you gotta like what you see here.
  • Team Defense:  This was atrocious last year, due in large part to that gaping hole at the 4 spot.  For whatever reason, Bonifacio couldn’t get the job done, and Izturis had problems adjusting to the turf.  Not until minor leaguer Goins showed up late in the season did we see improvement there.  The revolving door at the left side of the diamond didn’t help things much either, with Lawrie and Reyes going down for injury… which leads to the brutal cold of the night.  The gaping maw of the unknown… the…
  • 2013:  This was an unmitigated disaster.  Whatever could go wrong, went wrong.  Murphy’s law, right?  No statistical analysis can offer a solution to why this roster underperformed, but frankly it did.  Every player (other than Edwin) has the potential to play better than he did in 2013.  They just didn’t.  No one has the answer.  But it’s looming in the rearview mirror.  Waiting…

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