What is THIS Little Gem…?

So I just found THIS GUY, which shows how likely a team is to make it to the playoffs.  This should be certainly taken with a grain of salt, but man-oh-man I’ll be watching this like a hawk.

Screengrab from MLB.com

Screengrab from MLB.com

In particular, look at the AL East, where it starts off with Tampa Bay at the highest probability.  1/3 of the way through a season, and they’ve already fallen off to last, while the Jays have gone from 4th to first.  I’m sure if you were to look at the same graph for last year, the Red Sox would be pulling off the same trick.

I would imagine it takes into account the strength of schedule remaining, to a limited extent the injuries sustained, etc…

I’ve known about this in the past, but typically I’d be going through THIS SITE instead, which isn’t as user friendly and doesn’t show how the graphs change over time.

Anyhoo, wanted to throw this out there for anyone who’s interested.


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